Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Let us take a closer look what kind of Rodents are present in Canada!

The most common Rodents found in the house are

  1. Norway rat
  2. The house Mouse.



Length: 30-45 cm

Tail: 12.5-20.5 cm in length
Stout bald and shorter than body
Dark above and pale beneath

Colour: Various brownish-grey back, greyish-white belly.

The Norway rat lives at or near ground level.

Droppings : capsule shaped, 25-30 mm long and often containing hair; 40 to 145 droppings each day

  • The Norway rat lives at or near the ground level.
  • The Norway rat can live both inside and outside buildings but has home range of 15-30 metres.
  • A rat is essentially nocturnal animal, although sometimes it is active during the day.
  • Norway rat can consume 30-90 grams per day.
  • Norway rat cause more food damage through contamination with their urine and droppings than by consumption.
  • Norway rat excrete 16 cc of urine and 30-180 droppings per day.
  • Norway rat are an excellent climbers, swimmers and jumpers.



Overall length: about 175 mm including tail

Tail: 60-105 mm but average is 90 mm, dark in colour slightly longer than the body

Colour: brownish grey with grey abdomen

Droppings: rod or spindle-shaped,6 mm

  • House mice may live outdoors in the summer but as cooler weather approaches, they prefer shelter in the house.
  • House mice may be found anywhere from the basement to the attic.
  • For nesting they use the space between double walls, floor joists and concealed, enclosed spaces in cupboards or under the counters.
  • Although house mouse will eat any food which is available, it prefers cereal, grains and seeds.
  • The house mouse is a nibbler, eats erratically. It requires little water and only about 3 grams of dry food each day.
  • The house mouse is nocturnal animal and can climb wall studs or other vertical surfaces.


How can rodent damage your house?

Rodent can chew through electrical cable & water pipe causing structural fires & flooded basements.

Rodent have major role in the spread of diseases such as salmonellosis & rickettsia pox .
Rodent dropping and urine is also a major health concern. It can contaminate human and pet food.

How do we get rid of them?

We provide guaranteed Rodent elimination with our Scientific Treatment Approach call D.E.P.T (Detection, Elimination, Prevention, Protection & Total Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed)

We will locate Rodent Entry Points into the house as well as we will also eliminate any Rodent hiding inside your house with Rodent Bait Treatment.

We provide 6 months guarantee on Rodent treatment.
So please don’t wait until these pests get out of control and cause irreversible damage to your property.

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