Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

Let’s take a closer look at Cockroaches which are present in Canada!
There are five species of cockroaches commonly found.
1. German
2. Brown Banded
3. Oriental
4. American
5. Pennsylvania wood cockroaches

German Cockroach is the most wide-spread species of Cockroaches in the World, having spread largely through the shipping of foods and other goods.


Length: Adult is 10-15 mm

Colour: Adult is yellowish-brown

Other features: Two distinctive dark parallel bands run through the length of the pronotum on the adult and full body on the nymph.


German cockroach life cycle has eggs-nymph-adult stage.

Eggs are laid in egg cases with about 38 eggs per case.

An Adult Female Cockroach can produce up to 7 of these cases in a lifetime Mating only once.

Under ideal conditions nymph can develop into adult in about 6 weeks.

The life span of an adult is 125 to 150 days.



Why cockroach invade yOUR home?

German cockroaches can invade your House for Food, Water & Shelter.  To them almost anything is food including Any Food Particles, Papers, Plants and even Glue used for binding books. They can be found every part of the home.

How to detect cockroach infestation?


German cockroach faecal droppings are similar to grounded coffee or pepper.
Faeces are present at harbourage locations includes crevices behind sinks, beneath kitchen sink, under the kitchen countertop & inside the hinges of the doors.

Live cockroach:

German cockroach is nocturnal so they like to hide in the day light.
They are most active during night-time. As soon as light turns off they start coming out of their harbourage locations.

If there is major infestation of cockroaches, then you will see them scuttling across your floors during the day as well.

In order to Detect Live Cockroaches areas under the kitchen sink, behind stove & fridge ,under the counter top ,inside the cabinets door hinges etc. Should be inspected.

What harm cockroaches can cause to us?

Food Poisoning

Cockroaches may be a public health concern in certain locations such as restaurant or hospitals because they have been known to carry salmonella bacteria, the organism responsible for food poisoning.

Allergy & Asthma

GERMAN COCKROACHES Faeces can trigger allergic responses in some individuals.

Faeces allergen particles can become airborne inside the house causing sinus congestion, sore throat and irritation in the eyes.

Cockroach allergies can also aggravate asthma conditions.

Children are more sensitive to these allergens which puts them at the higher risk of developing asthma from German cockroaches.

How do we prevent cockroach infestation?

One thing that Cockroaches hates is cleanliness.

Keeping your house clean and tidy clean will have very huge impact on keeping cockroach away.

Avoid getting carboard boxes from grocery stores. They might be infested with Cockroaches or their Eggs.

Why are cockroaches so hard to kill?
The cockroach can breed rapidly under suitable conditions preferring warm & moist environment.

Mating once the adult female cockroach can produce up to 7 egg cases. Each cases will have 38 eggs per case. This makes hard to eliminate them.

How can we get rid of them?
We provide guaranteed Cockroach Elimination with our Scientific Treatment Approach call D.E.P.T (Detection, Elimination, Prevention, Protection & Total Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed)

Our highly Trained & Licensed Pest Exterminators use multiple insecticides which helps eliminating them completely.

We give 3 to 6 months guarantee on our treatment.

So please don’t wait until these pests get out of control and cause irreversible damage to your property.

Please give us a call today @ 855-501-0074. We will be glad to help you!

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