Feral Pigeon

Widely distributed in Ontario cities and surrounding countryside. In winter, the feral pigeon is less frequently encountered in open country. Pigeon droppings deface and speed deterioration of buildings, statues and automobiles and may land on unwary pedestrians. Pigeon faeces commonly contaminate grain destined for use as human food. Pigeon nests may clog drain pipes, interfere with awnings and make fire escapes hazardous. Bird can be Nuisance for your business because they are health hazards as they transmit disease. They Defaced Building and Vehicles with their droppings which is again high maintenance cost for Business To control Bird we at Husky pest control we use various treatment approach for most effective removal of bird from your property. We provide bird control by Bird Proof Gel treatment, Netting for obstructing entry of birds, spikes at the building ledges and signs and by Electronic Bird repellers.